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D365 FO integration JSON File and DMF (Export)

After xslt deprecation in 10.0.30 it was task to integrate JSON file in D365 FO without any writing new classes or custom service.

Here I have did one small experiment for community which will help you to understand how you can integrate.

here I am using following Tools.

  1. DMF(To schedule Data project)
  2. Power Platform (to Create flows)

I have created data project in D365 FO to export customer group details.

here am using XML-Element as file output to get output for JSON integration.

Now its time to to design Flow to export using DMF API and Transform XML output to JSON.

Here you can complete flow, Let me go and explain each control which will help you to understand why i kept it in that sequence.

After calling Export to package, It practice to get file based on status, here I am only trying to get successful status, But you can enhance it more perform operation based on status.

Next you can just add new action to get download able URL.

Once you get XML file content it time to compose XML element to JSON using compose function.

In this case I am not transforming anything if you want you can do it using Parse JSON.

Its time to execute flow and test it.

Output will be in JSON format.


“Document”: {





      “DESCRIPTION”: “Kartik DMF TEST”,


      “PAYMENTTERMID”: “”,

      “TAXGROUPID”: “”,





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