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D365 FO integration JSON File and DMF (Import)

In my previous post i have explained how you can export JSON file using flow integration without writing any code. If you want to understand if you can read using this link.

In this blog you can understand how you can import JSON file using flow.

here I am using following Tools to achieve.

  1. DMF(To schedule Data project)
  2. Power Platform (to Create flows)

I am going to work on sales order creation from JSON file and using parent and child Structure to call flows

Structure of parent flow is show as following, which will look all file in specific folder and call child flow with file id which i am going to show in next details section.

Here I am using Child flow to which is trigger by parent flow with file id to run logic to create sales order.

First block which I am using manual trigger to get file Id from parent flow.

Next step would be to get File content using is file id which I have received (which is common in all sources)

Next step is to parse JSON file structure, My JSON file example you can check.

“SalesOrder”: {
“Name”:”Bulb Inc. ELSON”,
“AddressName”:”Blub Inc UK”,
“Street”:”85 Whitchurch Road”
“ItemName”:”Bulb 100W”,
“ItemName”:”Bulb LED 10W”,

Parse JSON block will help me get control from my JSON file.

You can also generate schema using, Generate from sample option in this control.

Next step is loop body of file to create sales order, Here JSON file have two main components which is header and lines.

First loop which i have take is to get header record,

Here you can see how sample sales order header has been created.

I know this is very basic flow to start with but making more modification you can complete you full integration.


2 responses to “D365 FO integration JSON File and DMF (Import)”

  1. Hi,
    i need to import liker 30.000 rows per month from an on premise sql server to D365Fo, it is possible for you using this strategy? (or the parse is slow?)


    1. I don’t think so it will be work, Due to limitation of Power automate can loop only 2048 line.


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